Association for Social Welfare and Human Development

Protection   for   Child Rights
Protection  for  Child  Rights

Children in India suffer from many of collateral damages and exploiting circumstances. It starts from the day when a mother conceives a child. A child does not get the opportunity to properly grow and develop in a healthy manner when his/her mother being pregnant

Youth and Adolescents
Girls  and  Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination and violence against children and women defy caste and class barriers and urban and rural divides. The effects of these and other gender disparities are becoming more of larger societal problems that clearly reflect on India's human development indicators

Women   Empowerment
Youth  and  Adolescents

India alone has some 200 million young people which are expected to reach 325 million people by 2020. Youths constitute largest population in India. But according to Indian Government, persons between the ages of 13 to 35 are considered as